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Sectors We Specialise In

Explore our diverse range of auditing sectors, each tailored to address your needs with precision and expertise.

Technology and Software

In a sector where the only constant is change, we offer audits that are as dynamic as your tech business. From budding app creators to expansive software corporations, your auditing needs are covered.

Manufacturing and Industrial

Your manufacturing business thrives on operational excellence, and our audits are designed to reflect that. Whether it's supply chain intricacies or inventory management, we ensure your financials are as streamlined as your operations.

Import and Export Businesses

Trade borders might complicate your business, but they won't complicate your audits. We navigate the maze of international taxation and tariffs to ensure your import-export business remains compliant and efficient.

Distribution Businesses

Distribution is all about efficiency, and so are our audits. We dig deep into your supply chain and operational protocols, identifying cost reduction and turnover improvement avenues.

Motor Dealerships

Automotive accounting has its own set of gears, and we know how to shift them for maximum efficiency. From inventory management to regulatory compliance, we tailor our audits to the specifics of motor dealerships.

Transportation and Logistics

Logistics is complex, but your auditing process should be different. We bring clarity and compliance to your transportation business, from fleet management to warehouse operations.


Your construction projects require sturdy compliance just as much as they need sturdy foundations. We audit for job costing accuracy, operational efficiency, and adherence to tax and industry regulations.


Digital cart, physical inventory, and cross-border taxation—e-commerce auditing can be a puzzle. We piece it together for you, ensuring your online retail business is compliant and competitive.

Client Testimonials

Explore the success stories of audit clients we’ve helped achieve great things.

The Jack Ross Team has been an absolute delight. Professional, nice and fast during the Audit procedure. Thank you Jack Ross Team. Engaging with the Jack Ross Team for our audit was one of the best decisions we've made this fiscal year. I was particularly impressed with their swift and streamlined audit process. Unlike other firms that drag on for weeks, Jack Ross was able to conclude our audit in record time without cutting corners.

Their professionalism is unparalleled; from initial consultation to final report, every interaction was marked by courtesy, respect, and a deep understanding of our unique business needs.

But what surprised me most was their warmth and friendliness; they made a typically stressful process feel almost enjoyable. It's refreshing to work with a team that combines speed and efficiency with such high levels of customer service.

If you're looking for an audit service that respects your time without compromising on quality, then look no further than Jack Ross Audit.
Sofia Carlini
Financial Controller
Excellent service from the Jack Ross Audit Team. They gave us good advice and completed a very efficient audit. They have a friendly and competent team. I would surely recommend them.

I've always considered auditing a cumbersome process, but my experience with the Jack Ross Audit Team has completely changed my perspective. Their service was impeccable from start to finish. The team not only offered us invaluable advice to streamline our financial systems, but they also executed an extremely efficient audit that was far less intrusive than I've experienced in the past.

What truly sets Jack Ross Audit apart, however, is their team. Each member we interacted with was incredibly competent and genuinely friendly and approachable. They made us feel like a valued client rather than just another case file.

If you're unsure which accounting firm to choose for your audit, I can't recommend Jack Ross Audit highly enough. Their blend of professionalism, efficiency, and genuine care for their clients is rare in the financial world.
Katrien Vanassche
Financial Director
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